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TV Advertising and Planning

National Targeted TV Advertising

In the last decade, when so many new technologies and services could have disrupted TV, TV viewing has remained remarkably resilient.

Industry-standard viewing (that is, TV watched within 7 days of the original broadcast on a TV set) has declined from the record highs of a few years ago, but all other ways of watching TV – out of home, on new screens, catch-up, on-demand – are growing.

TV Advertising helps to build a stronger brand

TV Advertising is the most trusted environment for advertisers. Advertisers know what they are buying with TV and all TV content is whitelisted. They can be assured that their TV ads will always be aligned with professionally produced content for their target audience on on the best platform available whether that be traditional TVR’s or VOD.


Traditional TV buying is brought in TVRs (Television Ratings) this indicates how much of your target audience with see your TV ad also the optimal number of times it needs to be seen to determine buyer behaviour.


Linear TV is the traditional television programming and audience viewing which is scheduled around TV shows which is selected by the broadcaster and is viewed by the audience via a set time.

Digital TV

Digital TV otherwise know at programatic TV buying, cost effective and data driven this is a cost effective and targeted approach to TV buying compared to TVR and Linear.


89% of consumers saw brands that sponsor TV as more trustworthy than other forms of advertising. Sponsorship provides on-air association and brand alignment with a single programme from programme to channel and fully integrated partnerships including the use of licensed content.

Sky Advance

Using Sky Advance to connect linear viewers to audiences online. Alternative solution to target the same audience in an affordable way using video/display assets. Use TV programme or ad viewing data to create a targeted digital campaign, further activate/enhance a TV sponsorship, extend/reinforce a TV advertising campaign, No TV campaign need or Clearcast approval.


Based around the consumer VOD is the future of how TV is viewed, very cost effective. Impression targeted by demographic/audience up-weighted to specific programs, channel, TV region and time of day.


SVOD is a cost effective TV media choice with a central focus around programming. SVOD delivers ads across many platforms including PC’s, laptops, smart phones, tablets, games consoles and smart TV’s and Video On the Go! On Sky Go ads are delivered as pre rolls and mid rolls in live streamed and catch up content across all platforms are clickable (except the games consoles). Ads can also be delivered around box sets where ads are dropped into the feed at the point of download.


The most targeted of TV buying by drilling down into third party partnerships to service adverts and reach those in market for your product. Only pay when a household views over 75% of your ad in real time and brought by impressions. Reduce wastage and increase efficiency. Brought by custom segments, locations, lifestyle, buying habits, viewing and demographics. Packages available that can include production.

Multiple Platform

One reason TV has got more effective is due to video on demand and online video working in synergy with live television.

There are lots of different types of video – from linear
TV to online video to subscription VOD services like Netflix. The average person in the UK watches 4 hours 37 minutes a day of video in total and TV accounts for three quarters of it. People want quality content and TV programmes are the highest-quality video content.

Alongside the power of the TV spot, the UK broadcasters now provide suites of advanced advertising solutions. These span interactivity, personalisation, audience, genre and interest group targeting including TV Sponsorship which has a high brand recall rate and builds trust.

Key TV Advertising features

  • TV can be brought by geo-targeting to keep prices keen
  • TV creates an emotional response
  • TV viewing remains high, we watch on average 3 hours and 32 minutes of TV a day
  • TV can be targeted across categories
  • TV can now be brought by VOD (Video On Demand) on impressions
  • TV Sponsorship has a high brand recall rate and builds trust
  • TV supports other media, video on demand and online video working in synergy with live television

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